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300-370 dumps

Pass4itsure Cisco 300-370 Dumps Exam Questions – 100% Success Guaranteed

QUESTION 1. Which three are required activities for a service desk manager when undertaking the financial management of the Service Desk? (Choose 3)
A.Budgeting calculations.
B.Unit costs calculations and analysis.
C.Return on investment calculations.
D.Stocks and Bonds calculations.
E.Staffing policies and procedures.
300-370 exam Answer: ABC
QUESTION 2. You have recently implemented structured information gathering for some aspects of the support offered by your team. What is the best description of this method of acquiring information?(Choose 1)
A.Asking the questions required to enable you to complete a task.
B.Asking questions in a predefined sequence and format.
C.Asking the questions that you have been told to ask.
D.Asking customers to use email when requesting assistance.
Answer: B
QUESTION 3. Which two of the following are key components of a marketing programme? (Choose 2)
A.Identifying the key customers.
B.Defining the message and communicating to the relevant audience.
C.Targeting messages to all IT.
D.Communication to all stakeholders in a similar manner.
E.Planning and scheduling ongoing communication.

300-370 dumps Answer: BE
QUESTION 4. What is the primary objective of customer satisfaction surveys? (Choose 1)
A.Customer satisfaction surveys determine if the Service Desk is following the SLA.
B.Customer satisfaction surveys establish a basis for future pay rises.
C.Customer satisfaction surveys identify what customers feel is important.
D.Customer satisfaction surveys demonstrate to senior management that the Service Desk is in demand.
Answer: C
QUESTION 5. What is the best criterion to use when deciding the type of support to provide to a customer?(Choose 1)
A.Key performance indicators.
B.The customers authority level.
C.The incidents impact on the business.
D.The support resources available.
300-370 pdf Answer: C
QUESTION 6. Customers seem reluctant to engage with SLAs. What two arguments can you use to convince them to become involved? (Choose 2)
A.SLAs will improve working relationships.
B.IT can always deliver what customers want.
C.IT will become more streamlined.

D.SLAs allow customers the opportunity to criticise IT.
E.IT can prioritise resources to address specific requirements.
Answer: AE
QUESTION 7. How would you measure the success of Problem Management? (Choose 2)
A.A reduced number of incidents at the Service Desk.
B.Reduced cost per call.
C.A reduced number of changes.
D.A reduction in the time taken to resolve known errors.
300-370 vce Answer: AD
QUESTION 8. Is it correct to say that in reality the Configuration Management Database must be accurate and up to date? (Choose 1)
B.Always, where possible.
C.Always, without exception.
D.Only if the CIs are comprehensive.
Answer: B
QUESTION 9. What is the best description of self-healing tools? (Choose 1)
A.Self-healing tools allow an analyst to control a customer desktop remotely.

B.Self-healing tools immediately dispatch an engineer when a customer makes a request.
C.Self-healing tools identify when a problem has occurred and automatically corrects it.
D.Self-healing tools remove the emotion from a support request.
300-370 exam Answer: C
QUESTION 10. What is the best explanation of strategic planning? (Choose 1)
A.Medium-term projects that are necessary to enable realisation of the long term projects.
B.Development of corporate strategies for promotion of services.
C.A long-term vision of what an organisation needs to achieve in order to meet its objectives.
D.The detailed plan for achieving the objectives set by the strategic plan.
Answer: C
QUESTION 11. What are two of the key roles of the Service Desk in most organisations? (Choose 2)
A.The key role of the Service Desk is to demonstrate its value to the organisation it serves.
B.The key role of the Service Desk is to ensure that all metrics are maintained and distributed.
C.The key role of the Service Desk is to enforce service level agreements.
D.The key role of the Service Desk is to provide technical support services to the executives in a timely manner.
E.The key role of the Service Desk is responsibility for the management of incidents.
300-370 dumps Answer: AE
QUESTION 12. What is the best description of the mission statement for a Service Desk?
  (Choose 1)
A.The Service Desks mission statement describes the purpose of the desk, the services provided and the manner of their delivery.
B.The Service Desks mission statement documents future services to be provided.
C.The Service Desks mission statement explains how service levels will be met.
D.The Service Desks mission statement informs customers of strategies for improvement.
Answer: A
QUESTION 13. Where would you be most likely to find a values statement? (Choose 1)
A.Marketing pamphlets.
B.Vision statement.
C.Mission statement.
D.ROI description.
300-370 pdf Answer: C
QUESTION 14. What is the purpose of a vision statement? (Choose 1)
A.To develop a strategy for business enhancements.
B.To inform customers about strategy outcomes and benefits.
C.To stretch peoples capabilities to the maximum.
D.To provide a longer term view of what the Service Desk wishes to become.
Answer: D

QUESTION 15. Which is a framework or standard for service desk best practice? (Choose 1)
A.Six sigma.
300-370 vce Answer: B
QUESTION 16. Which is considered to be a business best practice quality model? (Choose 1)
A.HDI certification.
D.Six Sigma.
Answer: D
QUESTION 17. What is the best way to prepare your Support Team to manage international calls? (Choose 1)
A.Ask management for funds to train all your analysts in the languages that will be required by the project.
B.Find ways to employ analysts that speak all the languages that will require support services.
C.Interview each analyst to determine whether your analysts want to take international calls.
D.Use industry best practice as a benchmark and study successful companies that provide similar services.
300-370 exam Answer: D

QUESTION 18. If a member of your team is unable to converse easily with a customer, due to lack of sufficient fluency in their language, which courses of action would be the best to take? (Choose 2)
A.Ask the customer to e-mail them later.
B.Ask the customer if a colleague at their site can help with the conversation.
C.Ask the customer to find a translation service and call you back.
D.Ask a colleague on the service desk to take the call instead of you.
Answer: BD
QUESTION 19. Which two actions will best provide you with the practical means for understanding cultural differences? (Choose 2)
A.Reading books on outsourcing in other regions.
B.Undertaking research on successful multinational.
C.Visiting other countries.
D.Watching foreign films.
E.Studying another language.
300-370 dumps Answer: BC
QUESTION 20. Which actions are most likely to help you develop clear strategies to run your Service Desk effectively? (Choose 2)
A.Attending an executive seminar.

B.Delivering a presentation to your senior management.
C.Encouraging your staff to participate in intra-departmental projects.
D.Networking with people in other organisations.
E.Acquiring understanding of key business issues for your organization.
Answer: DE

From a recently installed host, you want to use the Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM) CLI to manage and configure Host Group security. What must be done before you can use HDvM CLI commands?
A. Download and install the CLI software from the HDvM server using the Web Client.
B. Configure the CLI software on your client computer in “management mode”.
C. Set the LUN security option to “enable” during the creation of the host storage domain.
D. Set the LUN security option to “enable” in the CLI properties file of your client computer.
300-370 pdf Correct Answer: A
Which Hitachi Command Suite (HCS) CLI command would you use when moving the HCS databases to another host?
A. hcmdssrv
B. hcmdsbackups
C. hcmdsdbtrans
D. hcmdschgurl
Correct Answer: C
What are two network requirements for an operational Hitachi Device Manager installation? (Choose two.)
A. a TCP/IP network for connection between the management server and the management clients
B. a TCP/IP network for connection of the management server to the storage systems
C. a Fiber Channel connection between the management server and the storage systems
D. a public subnet for connection between the management server and the management clients
300-370 vce Correct Answer: AB
A customer is managing a multi-pathing environment using Hitachi Global Link Manager (HGLM) and wants to add another host. Which user privilege is required within HGLM?
A. Admin
B. Modify
C. View
D. Supervisor
Correct Answer: A
What is the purpose of the Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM) “HiCommandCLI.properties” file?
A. It allows scripting of CLI commands.
B. It contains a list of permitted commands.
C. It contains the names of all hosts which can execute HDvM CLI commands.
D. It allows the user to specify a number of defaults to be used when running HDvM CLI commands.
300-370 exam Correct Answer: D
When using Hitachi Device Manager to map external volumes to a VSP storage system, what are three external volume attributes that can be set? (Choose three.)
A. cache mode
C. emulation type
E. internal LDEV number
Correct Answer: ABE
When enabled, what does the path health checking feature of Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM) do?
A. It causes HDLM to rotate I/Os across all healthy paths.
B. It causes HDLM to automatically check the path status at regular intervals.
C. It enables the last I/O recovery routine to execute upon path failure.
D. It logs path status information and generate path health reports.
300-370 dumps Correct Answer: B
You use Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM) to manage your VSP and HUS110 storage systems. Which two features are available in the HDvM GUI to manage storage provisioning tasks? (Choose two.)
A. Allocate Storage
B. Move Storage
C. Unallocate Storage
D. Release Storage
Correct Answer: AC
You are a system administrator responsible for an installation of Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning (HDP) and want to receive threshold messages indicating that a user requires more space. Which Hitachi Device Manager CLI command do you use?
A. ListPool
B. ShowPool
C. GetAlerts
D. DPGetVols
300-370 pdf Correct Answer: C
You want to group volumes together on a VSP storage system using LUSE. What is the maximum number of volumes that would be grouped together?
A. 16
B. 32
C. 36
D. 60
Correct Answer: C
What are two benefits of the Hitachi Command Suite? (Choose two.)
A. integration with Hitachi Compute Platform management software

B. integration with Cisco directors management software
C. integration with third-party storage management software as defined in HiFire
D. integration with Hitachi NAS Platforms management software
300-370 vce Correct Answer: AD
A user reports that a host is unable to see the LUNs added with Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM). When troubleshooting, which two actions should you perform? (Choose two.)
A. Restart the HDvM services.
B. Verify the paths between the host and the storage system.
C. Verify the Alerts in HDvM.
D. Set “server.base.initialsynchro=true” in the HDvM server.properties file.
Correct Answer: BC
On a server with intensive sequential I/O profile, you have set Extended Round Robin within Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager. Which two benefits result from implementing this algorithm? (Choose two.)
A. tracks preloaded to cache
B. blocks held permanent in Read Cache
C. no tracks preloading on the system
D. efficient cache usage on the storage system
300-370 exam Correct Answer: AD
A storage administrator is preparing to install the Hitachi Command Suite software. Which three base installation components are always installed or removed together on the management server? (Choose three.)
A. Hitachi Command Suite Common Component
B. Host Data Collector
C. Storage Alert Collector
D. Device Manager server
E. Device Manager Agent
Correct Answer: ABD

300-370 dumps


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