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Your network contains an Active Directory domain named contoso.com. The domain contains a server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2012 R2 and has the DHCP Server server role installed. You need to create an IPv6 scope on Server1. The scope must use an address space that is re- served for private networks. The addresses must be routable. Which IPV6 scope prefix should you use?
A. 2001:123:4567:890A::
B. FE80:123:4567::
C. FF00:123:4567:890A::
D. FD00:123:4567::
70-412 exam Correct Answer: D
* A unique local address (ULA) is an IPv6 address in the block fc00::/7, defined in RFC 4193. It is the approximate IPv6 counterpart of the IPv4 private address. The address block fc00::/7 is divided into two /8 groups:
/ The block fc00::/8 has not been defined yet.
/ The block fd00::/8 is defined for /48 prefixes, formed by setting the 40 least-significant bits of the prefix to a randomly generated bit string.
* Prefixes in the fd00::/8 range have similar properties as those of the IPv4 private address ranges:
/ They are not allocated by an address registry and may be used in networks by anyone without outside involvement.
/ They are not guaranteed to be globally unique.
/ Reverse Domain Name System (DNS) entries (under ip6.arpa) for fd00::/8 ULAs cannot be delegated in the global DNS.
Your network contains an Active Directory domain named contoso.com. The domain contains a domain  controller named DC1 that runs Windows Server 2012 R2. DC1 has the DNS Server server role installed. The network contains client computers that run either Linux, Windows 7, or Windows 8. You have a standard primary zone named adatum.com as shown in the exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.)
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You plan to configure Name Protection on all of the DHCP servers. You need to configure the adatum.com zone to support Name Protection. Which two configurations should you perform from DNS Manager? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)
A. Sign the zone.
B. Store the zone in Active Directory.
C. Modify the Security settings of the zone.
D. Configure Dynamic updates.
E. Add a DNS key record
Correct Answer: BD
Name protection requires secure update to work. Without name protection DNS names may be hijacked. You can use the following procedures to allow only secure dynamic updates for a zone. Secure dynamic update is supported only for Active Directoryintegrated zones. If the zone type is con- figured differently,
  you must change the zone type and directory-integrate the zone before secur- ing it for Domain Name System (DNS) dynamic updates.
1. (B) Convert primary DNS server to Active Directory integrated primary
2. (D) Enable secure dynamic updates

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Reference: DHCP: Secure DNS updates should be configured if Name Protection is enabled on any IPv4 scope
Your network contains two DNS servers named DN51 and DNS2 that run Windows Server 2012 R2. DNS1 has a primary zone named contoso.com. DNS2 has a secondary copy of the contoso.com zone. You need to log the zone transfer packets sent between DNS1 and DNS2. What should you configure?
A. Monitoring from DNS Manager
B. Logging from Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
C. A Data Collector Set (DCS) from Performance Monitor
D. Debug logging from DNS Manager
70-412 dumps Correct Answer: D
Debug logging allows you to log the packets sent and received by a DNS server. Debug logging is disabled by default, and because it is resource intensive, you should only activate it temporar- ily when you need more specific detailed information about server performance. Reference:
Your network contains an Active Directory forest named contoso.com. Users frequently access the website of an external partner company. The partner company informs you that it will perform maintenance on its Web server and that the IP
addresses of the Web server will change. After the change is complete, the users on your internal network report that they fail to access the website. However, some users who work from home report that they can access the website. You need to ensure that your DNS servers can resolve partners.adatum.com to the correct IP ad- dress immediately. What should you do?
A. Run dnscmd and specify the CacheLockingPercent parameter.
B. Run Set-DnsServerGlobalQueryBlockList.
C. Run ipconfig and specify the Renew parameter.
D. Run Set-DnsServerCache.
Correct Answer: D
The Set-DnsServerCache cmdlet modifies cache settings for a Domain Name System (DNS) server. Run Set-DnsServerCache with the -LockingPercent switch.
/ -LockingPercent<UInt32>
Specifies a percentage of the original Time to Live (TTL) value that caching can consume. Cache locking is configured as a percent value. For example, if the cache locking value is set to 50, the DNS server does not overwrite a cached entry for half of the duration of the TTL. By de- fault, the cache locking percent value is 100. This value means that the DNS server will not over- write cached entries for the entire duration of the TTL.
Note: A better way would be clear the DNS cache on the DNS server with either Dnscmd /ClearCache (from command prompt) or Clear-DnsServerCache (from Windows PowerShell).
Reference: Set-DnsServerCache
Not A: You need to use the /config parameter as well: You can change this value if you like by using the dnscmd command:
dnscmd /Config /CacheLockingPercent<percent>
You have a server named Server1. You install the IP Address Management (IPAM) Server feature on Server1. You need to provide a user named User1 with the ability to set the access scope of all the DHCP servers that are managed by IPAM. The solution must use the principle of least privilege.  Which user role should you assign to User1?
A. DNS Record Administrator Role
B. IPAM DHCP Reservations Administrator Role
C. IPAM Administrator Role
D. IPAM DHCP Administrator Role
70-412 pdf Correct Answer: D
The IPAM DHCP administrator role completely manages DHCP servers.

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Reference: What’s New in IPAM
Your network contains an Active Directory domain named contoso.com. The domain contains a domain controller named DC1 and a member server named Server1. Server1 has the IP Address Management (IPAM) Server feature installed. On Dc1, you configure Windows Firewall to allow all of the necessary inbound ports for IPAM. On Server1, you open Server Manager as shown in the exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.)
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You need to ensure that you can use IPAM on Server1 to manage DNS on DC1. What should you do?
A. Modify the outbound firewall rules on Server1.
B. Modify the inbound firewall rules on Server1.
C. Add Server1 to the Remote Management Users group.
D. Add Server1 to the Event Log Readers group.
Correct Answer: D
To access configuration data and server event logs, the IPAM server must be a member of the domain IPAM Users Group (IPAMUG). The IPAM server must also be a member of the Event Log Readers security group.
Note: The computer account of the IPAM server must be a member of the Event Log Readers se- curity group.
You manage a Windows Server 2008 server named uCert1 in a domain named Cert1 has the Web Server (IIS) role installed and hosts an intranet Web site named PassGuideInternal. You want to ensure that all authentication traffic to the Web site is encrypted securely without the use of SSL. You disable Anonymous Authentication. What else should you do?
A. Enable Windows Authentication and Forms Authentication.
B. Enable Windows Authentication and Digest Authentication.
C. Enable Basic Authentication and Windows Authentication.
D. Enable Digest Authentication and Forms Authentication.
70-412 vce Correct Answer: B
Which of the following password cracking attacks does not use any software for cracking e-mail passwords? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.
A. Brute force attack
B. Shoulder surfing
C. Social engineering
D. Dictionary attack
Correct Answer: BC
You work as a Sales Manager for NetPerfect Inc. The company has a Windows-based network. You have to often send confidential e-mails and make online payments and purchases. You want to protect transmitted information and also to increase the security of e-mail communications. Which of the following programs or services will you use to accomplish the task? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.
A. Anonymizer
B. John the Ripper
C. THC Hydra
D. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
70-412  exam Correct Answer: AD
The IT administrator wants to implement a stronger security policy. What are the four most important security priorities for PassGuide Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.? (Click the Exhibit button on the toolbar to see the case study.)
A. Preventing denial-of-service attacks.
B. Providing two-factor authentication.
C. Ensuring secure authentication.
D. Protecting employee data on portable computers.
E. Implementing Certificate services on Texas office.
F. Preventing unauthorized network access.
G. Providing secure communications between the overseas office and the headquarters.
H. Providing secure communications between Washington and the headquarters office.
Correct Answer: CDFG
According to the Internet Crime Report 2009, which of the following complaint categories is on the top?
A. Identity theft
B. Advanced fee fraud
C. Non-delivered merchandise/payment
D. FBI scams
70-412 dumps Correct Answer: D
Maria works as the Chief Security Officer for PassGuide Inc. She wants to send secret messages to the CEO of the company. To secure these messages, she uses a technique of hiding a secret message within an ordinary message. The technique provides ‘security through obscurity’. What technique is Maria using?
A. Steganography
B. Public-key cryptography
C. Encryption

D. RSA algorithm
Correct Answer: A
Which of the following is a documentation of guidelines that computer forensics experts use to handle evidences?
A. Incident response policy
B. Chain of custody
C. Chain of evidence
D. Evidence access policy
70-412 pdf Correct Answer: B
Peter works as a System Administrator for TechSoft Inc. The company uses Linux-based systems. Peter’s manager suspects that someone is trying to log in to his computer in his absence. Which of the following commands will Peter run to show the last unsuccessful login attempts, as well as the users who have last logged in to the manager’s system? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.
A. rwho -a
B. lastb
C. last
D. pwd
Correct Answer: BC
John works as a Security Administrator for NetPerfect Inc. The company uses Windows-based systems. A project has been assigned to John to track malicious hackers and to strengthen the company’s security system. John configures a computer system to trick malicious hackers into thinking that it is the company’s main server, which in fact is a decoy system to track hackers. Which system is John using to track the malicious hackers?
A. Honeypot
B. Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
C. Bastion host
D. Honeytokens
70-412 vce Correct Answer: A
Which of the following can be used to perform session hijacking? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.
A. ARP spoofing
B. Cross-site scripting
C. Session fixation
D. Session sidejacking
Correct Answer: BCD
In which of the following techniques does an attacker take network traffic coming towards a host at one port and forward it from that host to another host?
A. Snooping
B. UDP port scanning
C. Port redirection
D. Firewalking
70-412 exam Correct Answer: C
Which of the following is used to authenticate asymmetric keys?
A. Digital signature
B. MAC Address
C. Password
D. Demilitarized zone (DMZ)
Correct Answer: A
70-412 dumps

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