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VMware Certified Professional 7 – Cloud Management and Automation Exam (VCP7-CMA)

This exam tests your skills and abilities installing, configuring and administering a VMware vRealize® environment.

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VMware 2V0-731 exam practice questions(1-13)

A business group has been assigned a 10 TB storage reservation.
Which option best describes the effect on virtual machines provisioned from this business group?
A. 10 TB of storage has been pre-allocated for each virtual machine in the business group.
B. The virtual machines will be provisioned up to 10 TB total for the group, provided there is free storage capacity.
C. 10 TB of storage has been pre-allocated for the virtual machines in the business group to share.
D. Virtual machines provisioned from other business groups will NOT be able use the 10 TB in this reservation.
Correct Answer: B

In all three distributed vRealize Automation architecture designs, which port must be available to all vRA servers?
A. 5480
B. 8444
C. 5021
D. 8281
Correct Answer: A

An administrator powers on a vRealize Automation Multi-Machine Service that includes Machine A and Machine B. The
application on Machine A does not start correctly and displays the following error message: Machine B not ready. What
step should be taken to resolve this issue?
A. Change the startup order of the Multi-Machine Service.
B. Create a startup dependency in the Multi-Machine Service.
C. Define a startup delay in the Multi-Machine Service.
D. Adjust the startup approvals for the Multi-Machine Service.
Correct Answer: B

What role must an administrator use when adding a third party Identity Provider to vRealize Automation?
A. System Administrator
B. Business Group Administrator
C. IaaS Administrator
D. Tenant Administrator
Correct Answer: D

What is required to allow an XaaS blueprint to provision objects that can be managed from the Items tab?
A. A resource action has been created.
B. A machine blueprint has been created.
C. A software component has been created.
D. A custom resource has been created.
Correct Answer: D

In a distributed deployment using Amazon Web Service, which of the following statements are correct?
A. The Proxy Agent must have HTTPS access to the Internet.
B. The DEM Orchestrator must have HTTPS access to the Internet.
C. The VMware NSX controller must have HTTPS access to the Internet.
D. The DEM Worker must have HTTPS access to the Internet.
Correct Answer: D

An administrator requires a range of static IP addresses that can be used for provisioning machines on an existing
What action needs to be completed?
A. Create a NAT network profile.
B. Create a routed network profile.
C. Create an external network profile.
D. Create a network reservation policy.
Correct Answer: C

vRealize Operations needs to be configured to point to an external vRealize Orchestrator server that has been
configured to use default ports. Which port would be used for this configuration?
A. 8080
B. 9443
C. 8281
D. 8283
Correct Answer: C

What is the maximum latency requirement in a multisite, active/active vRealize Automation deployment?
A. 10ms
B. 2ms
C. 15ms
D. 5ms
Correct Answer: D

What is one reason why a resource mapping would need to be created?
A. To map a vRealize Orchestrator inventory type to a custom machine type
B. To map an XaaS blueprint to a resource action
C. To map a vRealize Automation catalog resource type to a resource action
D. To map a vRealize Automation catalog resource type to a vRealize Orchestrator inventory type
Correct Answer: D

Which two areas of the vRealize Automation UI could a Fabric Administrator look to determine how many virtual
machines have been provisioned by a specific user along with their aggregate allocated memory and storage totals?
(Choose two.)
A. Administration > Business Groups
B. Home
C. Infrastructure > Reservations
D. Infrastructure > Compute Resources
Correct Answer: AB

After failing a distributed installation using the installation wizard, which option would permit an administrator to roll back
and attempt the installation again?
A. Reboot the vRealize Automation appliance.
B. Revert to the snapshots taken during the installation process.
C. The installation will restart automatically
D. Select the rollback option provided in the wizard at the time of the failure.
Correct Answer: B

What specific action must an administrator take before deleting an approval policy?
A. Deprecate the policy
B. Unpublish the policy
C. Deactivate the policy
D. Decomission the policy
Correct Answer: C

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