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Studying for Cisco 400-201 dumps exam? The CCIE Service Provider Written Exam Version 4.1 (400-201 CCIE SP) exam is a 120 minutes (90 – 110 questions) assessment in pass4itsure that is associated with the CCIE Service Provider certification. Best Cisco 400-201 dumps exam CCIE Service Provider Written Exam Version 4.1 Youtube study. “CCIE Service Provider Written Exam Version 4.1” is the exam name of Pass4itsure Cisco 400-201 dumps test which designed to help candidates prepare for and pass the Cisco 400-201 exam. Our Cisco https://www.pass4itsure.com/400-201.html dumps exam test engine can allow unlimited practice your exam. If you want to have 100% confidence, you can practice until you get right. Besides, you can do marks where possible, so as to review and remember next time.

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400-201 Dumps
Pass4itsure Cisco 400-201 Dumps Exam Questions – 100% Success Guaranteed
Question No : 29  Refer to the exhibit.
400-201 Dumps
A CE connected to a service provider has an agreement to use 512Mbps of bandwidth. Which QoS configuration must be modified to ensure that the traffic matches the agreed bandwidth?
A. Apply the same CE QoS configuration on PE on inbound direction.
B. Change the outbound direction of the service-policy to inbound for ingress traffic shaping.
C. Treat the class-default as best-effort by removing the shape average 512000 command
D. Replace the shape keyword with police keyword in both classes
E. Reconfigure the policy-map as a nested policy with the shaping appliedas a parent for all child policies
400-201 exam 
Answer: E
Question No : 30
What is the minimum hardware configuration of the multishelf Cisco CRS-1 system?
A. One route processor (RP) card and one modular services card (MSC)
B. One distributed route processor (DRP) and one S13 fabric card (SFC)
C. One line card chassis (LCC) and one fabric card chassis (FCC)
D. One route processor (RP) and one fabric card chassis (FCC)
E. One line card chassis (LCC) and one S13 fabric card (SFC)
Answer: C
1.4. SP high end product A minimum of one LCC and one FCC are required to configure a multishelf system.
Question No : 31  Which QoS method is available when GRE is used to provide MPLS VPN services over an IP-only core?
A. matching MPLS EXP on the physical interface
B. matching EXP on the tunnel interface
C. matching DSCP on the physical interface
D. matching DSCP on the tunnel interface
400-201 dumps 
Answer: C
Question No : 32  A company is deciding between an HVR and SVR solution in order to finalize a virtualization project proposal. Which is an advantage of a HVR solution versus a SVR solution?
A. A HVR solution implements dedicated data plane resources.
B. A HVR solution implements shared control plane resources.
C. A HVR solution introduces significant contention of resources.
D. A HVR solution implements dedicated chassis resources.
Answer: A
Comparison of Virtualized Routing Architectures
Hardware-Isolated Virtual Router
Software-Isolated Virtual Router
Control plane resources (CPU, memory)
Data plane resources (forwarding engine, queues)
Chassis resources (power supplies, blowers, fabric)
Management, configuration
Typically shared, but varies depending on degree of virtualization
Connections between virtualized routing entities
Typically external
Typically internal, but possibly external
Per-chassis scalability (routing adjacencies, prefixes)
Increased with additional logical routers
Unaffected by additional virtual routers

Question No : 33  Which are the three header fields that affect how Equal-Cost Multipath hashes traffic flow into interface groups? (Choose three.)
A. source MAC address
B. source port
C. source IP address
D. destination IP address
E. IP protocol ID
F. destination MAC address
400-201 pdf Answer: B,C,D
Question No : 34 What loop prevention mechanism can be used for ospf type 3 sla in L3VPN?
A. DNbit
B. Pending
C. Pending
D. Pending
Answer: A
You are logged into a MacBook Pro as a standard user. How can you display the OS X Mountain Lion build number?
A. Choose About This Mac from the Apple menu, and then click the text directly under OS X until the build number is revealed.
B. Type build_number in Spotlight, and then scroll through the resulting information until the build number is revealed.
C. Choose Software Update from the Apple menu, and then choose Build Number from the Update menu.
D. In the General pane of System Preferences, click the Info disclosure triangle to reveal the build 
400-201 vce 
Correct Answer: A
In order to sign a configuration profile, which steps must you complete?
A. In the Profile Manager service in Server app, select “Sign configuration profiles” and choose a valid code-signing SSL certificate.
B. In the Profile Manager web app, select “Sign configuration profile” and choose a valid code-signing SSL certificate.
C. In the Profile Manager service in Server app, select “Sign configuration profiles” and choose a valid Apple Push Notification service certificate.
D. In the Profile Manager web app, select “Sign configuration profiles” and choose a valid Apple Push Notification service certificate.
Correct Answer: A
What is an advantage of deploying signed Profile Manager profiles, rather than unsigned Profile Manager profiles?
A. Signed profiles can be installed on mobile devices and computers; unsigned profiles can only be installed on computers.
B. Signed profiles can be updated on devices via an update process; unsigned profiles must be deleted before a new profile can be installed.
C. An unsigned profile’s source or contents may be tampered with; signing validates both.
D. Signed profiles cannot be removed by users without administrator authorization; unsigned profiles can be.
400-201 exam 
Correct Answer: C
You are using System Image Utility in OS X Mountain Lion to create a network disk image. Which of these is NOT a valid source for creating the image?
A. A mounted disk image of a hard disk with OS X Mountain Lion installed
B. OS X Mountain Lion installer app
C. A Mac mini with OS X 10.7 installed
D. A MacBook Pro running OS X Mountain Lion and booted in target disk mode
Correct Answer: C
Where is the utility for creating network disk images stored, by default, on a Mac with OS X Mountain Lion?
A. In /Server/Utilities/
B. In /Applications/Utilities/
C. in /System/Library/CoreServices/
D. in /Applications/Server/, but only after you have installed OS X Server
400-201 dumps 
Correct Answer: C
Gary works for an SEO company and he manages Google AdWords for multiple clients. Gary would like to manage all of his clients’ Google AdWords activity in one central location. Can Gary do this in Google?
A. Yes, Gary can use the My Client Center in AdWords to manage multipleaccounts.
B. No, each account user must have a username and password.
C. Yes, Gary can use the Multiple Client HQ in AdWords to manage multiple clients.
D. No, Google discourages companies from allowing other entities manage their online presence.
Answer: A
Don is an SEO consultant and he’s working with a client that sells candies over the Internet. The client wants to sell milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and mint chocolate. You decide to create a keyword insertion code for any person that searches for these keywords the corresponding ad will appear. Your keywords are milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and mint chocolate. Which one of the following is the correct code you’ll use to insert the corresponding keyword into the Google AdWords?
A. {INST:chocolate}
B. [Keyword_INST:chocolate]
C. {Keyword:Chocolate}
D. (Keyword: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, mint chocolate)
400-201 pdf 
Answer: C
Your customer wants you to create an image advertisement for their Google AdWords campaign. What is the maximum number of characters that can be used to name your ad and images?
A. 1,024 characters
B. 95 characters
C. 50 characters
D. 35 characters
Answer: C
Holly is your client and she’s selling watches through her online store. She asks if you can configure her ad to only show up for searches in a specific location. Can you configure this setting for Holly as part of Google AdWords?
A. Yes, Google AdWords allows customers to choose language and locations for AdWords without a premium price.
B. No, Google AdWords doesn’t target language or locations.
C. No, Google AdWords doesn’t allow customers to choose geographical locations for advertisement.
D. Yes, Google AdWords does allow customers to choose language and locations for a premium price.
400-201 vce 
Answer: A
You have a client that has reviewed a recent performance report you’ve supplied. The client wants to make several changes to the Google AdWords campaign. When can the changes be implemented?
A. Any time outside of three days of anew billing cycle
B. On any day other than the day a billing cycle ends or starts
C. Within seven days of a new billing cycle
D. Any time
Answer: D
It is possible that Google may allow more clicks in a day than your campaign’s daily budget specifies. What percentage of more clicks does Google allow than your budget specifies?
A. 5 percent
B. 10 percent
C. 40 percent
D. 20 percent
400-201 exam 
Answer: D
Bob is a consultant to Doug’s business for his Google AdWords management. Bob is currently the owner of the AdWords account. Bob has decided that he no longer wants to utilize Doug’s business and wants to terminate the contract. According to Google, who should own the Google AdWords account?
A. The account should be closed and Doug needs tostart over.
B. Google
C. Bob
D. Doug
Answer: D
You have created a budget for your Google AdWords of $10 per and you’ve subscribed to the 30- day billing period. On some days Google adjusts your daily budget to allow more clicks than the $10 amount and on other days it does not. What is the maximum you’ll have to pay in this instance?
A. It depends on how many conversions the adjustments have brought to your Website.
B. It depends on the total number of impressions your ads have had.
C. $300
D. $300, plus or minus ten percent
400-201 dumps 
Answer: C
If you use Google AdWords’s ad scheduling feature to change the bid amount for different times of the day or days of the week, what time zone will Google AdWords use as the basis for changing the ad bids?
A. Pacific Standard Time zone
B. The time zone associated with your Google AdWords account
C. Eastern Time zone
D. The time zone of the region you are targeting
Answer: B
Jane is creating an ad as part of the Google AdWords program. Her manager is considered about the costs the ads may incur for the company and wants to know what’s the least amount Jane can enter as the maximum cost per click value. What is the least amount that Jane can enter for the maximum CPC bid?
A. 1 cent
B. 11 cents
C. 10 cents
D. 25 cents
400-201 pdf 
Answer: A
You are consulting with a realtor that is selling condos in Tampa, Florida. The realtor wants to create an advertisement that will announce condos in a new development in downtown Tampa. Which one of the following landing page would be ideal for this scenario?
A. A form for users to complete for more information about the condos
B. Details on the condos for sales
C. A page with a video of the realtor’s experience in Tampa
D. The realtor’s home pagewhere a link to the information for the condos are located
Answer: B
Beth is reviewing her Google AdWords keyword status. For each keywords Beth can see one of six different status indicators for her keywords. What status message will Beth see for keyword bids that are below the first page bid estimate?
A. Undervalued bid
B. Below first page bid
C. Low quality score
D. Low bid estimate
400-201 vce 
Answer: B

400-201 Dumps

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