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Which lists the transfer rules that you can customize on a call handler?
A. standard hours, closed (nonbusiness and holiday) hours of the active schedule, and alternate transfer rule
B. only the standard rule
C. standard hours, and standard rule
D. standard and closed transfer rules
Correct Answer: A


A user reports that when they are using Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, their status does not change when they
are on the phone. What is the typical cause of this issue?
A. The username or password is invalid.
B. The Cisco Unified Presence account is locked out.
C. The user is not associated with the line.
D. Cisco Unified Presence is not enabled for the user.
E. Cisco Unified Presence is not enabled for the line.
Correct Answer: C


Which two functions of Cisco TMS are true? (Choose two.)
A. conference management
B. call agent
C. provisioning and device management
D. media gateway
E. conference bridge
Correct Answer: CE


Which statement about how Cisco Unity Express sets its system clock is true?
A. The clock is set by configuring an NTP server and time zone via the Unity Express CLI.
B. The Unity Express clock must be manually set.
C. The CUE clock gets initialized automatically without requiring any configuration.
D. The Unity Express clock must use the same NTP resource as the Cisco Unified CME router.
Correct Answer: A


The Cisco TMS administrator is trying to add participants while booking a new conference. Which three options are
presented? (Choose three.)
A. endpoints
B. users
C. Cisco MCUs
D. multiway address
E. directory numbers synched from Cisco Unified Communications Manager
F. SIP URIs synched from Cisco Unified Communications Manager
G. video AutoAttendant numbers
Correct Answer: ABC


Refer to the exhibit. Which six of the following commands are required to configure a dial peer that will allow voice-mail
messages to be left on Cisco Unity Express for Unified Communications Manager Express users? The Cisco Unity
Express module uses a pilot number of 4100. (Choose six.)pass4itsure 300-085 exam question q6

A. destination-pattern 4100
B. no vad
C. session target ipv4:
D. codec transparent
E. dial-peer voice 4100 pots
F. codec g711ulaw
G. session target ipv4:
H. dial-peer voice 4100 voip
I. dtmf-relay sip-notify
J. dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric
Correct Answer: ABCFHI

When using integrated messaging with Cisco Unity Express, which capability is available to the end user?
A. The ability to create, send, or reply to voice-mail messages from the email client.
B. The ability to delete voice-mail messages or to mark them as read or unread, as they would for email messages
C. The ability to only mark voice-mail messages as read or unread, as they would for email messages.
D. The ability to create, send, delete, or reply to voice-mail messages from the email client.
Correct Answer: B

The CEO of a company does not want external callers to be able to dial him directly through the Cisco Unity Connection
directory search. Which of the following methods is the best way to accomplish this?
A. Do not activate the CEO as a Cisco Unity Connection subscriber.
B. Configure a directory call handler that blocks all transfers.
C. Configure a directory handler that uses a partition and calling search space to allow calls to everyone except to the
D. Use the preconfigured partition and calling search space. No other configuration is necessary.
E. Configure a restricted partition and assign it to the CEO. Create a directory call handler for external users with a
search scope that does not contain the CEO partition.
Correct Answer: E


Which jabber-config.xml variable do you use to allow remote Jabber users to connect using Collaboration Edge?
Correct Answer: B


Which two transfer types are used by Cisco Unity Connection to process more calls quickly? (Choose two.)
A. No Holding Transfer
B. Release to VPIM
C. Supervise Transfer
D. Release to Switch
E. Say Good-Bye
Correct Answer: CD

A user reports that when calling an auto-attendant, they receive a fast busy signal. Which two options can cause this
issue? (Choose two.)
A. An improperly configured dial peer is in the Cisco Unified CME.
B. The auto-attendant service is not running.
C. No call-in number is specified for the auto-attendant.
D. A prompt is missing in the auto-attendant.
E. An improperly configured ephone-dn is in the Cisco Unified CME.
Correct Answer: AC


An IP phone user reports that they are unable to set the Call Forward All feature on their phone. The user reports that
they press the CfwdAll softkey and enter the desired telephone number, but the phone does not accept it. What could
be causing this issue?
A. The user is entering too many digits for the destination number.
B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager does not control Call Forward.
C. The Call Forward All service parameter is not enabled.
D. The Call Forward All option of the IP phone does not have a CSS defined.
E. The Call Forward All enterprise parameter is not enabled.
Correct Answer: D


Which Cisco Tele Presence Management Suite Extension supports automated AD/LDAP import of users for creating an
entitlement of up to 100,000 users and devices?
Correct Answer: D

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