The Latest Comprehensive Analysis of Blackberry Motion Mobile Phones

Earlier this year, BlackBerry used a keyboard-style Keyone Android smartphone. Although the Canadian company made a seemingly normal phone, it did not stick to its position. Like last year’s DTEK50 and DTEK60, the new BlackBerry motion doesn’t have a physical keyboard, and there’s not much to stand out for. This is a problem. When we look back at the BlackBerry Keyone, we think the physical keyboard is the only reason to buy a cell phone.


Rectangular flat panel, stereo display
We should note that the BlackBerry does not make its phone-it handles software to a large extent, but it cooperates with TCL to build hardware. BlackBerry has little competition in this niche market for smartphones with a physical keyboard. If the BlackBerry wants to make a fully-touchscreen midrange handset, there is no mistake, but the market is completely different. Competition within this price range is fierce, and budget phones are getting better every day. The BlackBerry motion is carefully crafted, although the front pudgy border makes it look outdated, but the rear is smooth. BlackBerry and TCL have been successful in providing a good look and feel for the phone.

Sports look like other smartphones on the market-a large rectangular screen-but there are some design options that make this phone a bit unique. For starters, the corners are not rounded-like Sony Xperia devices. The bottom corner is more rounded than the top, mimicking the keyone style. A home button is located at the bottom, one times as a fingerprint sensor, and its side is the capacitive Android navigation button. The fingerprint sensor is doing well in our tests, but you have to put your finger in the center position, which may be a bit annoying.

On the right side of the motion, you will see a volume rocker, a power button, and a “shortcut key”, which can be used as a programmable shortcut key. We have set it to activate Google Smart Assistant, which works the same way as advertising. You can set it to open your favorite application, or more. At the bottom, a USB C-type charging port for headphone jacks and speaker grille on both sides, followed by a single lens camera that is almost flush with the rear. The rubber texture of the motion back makes grip slightly better, and we like the look and feel of it.


The 5.5-inch LCD does not follow the popular borderless trend of other vendors, where the edges around the screen are minimized, so you can get a larger display in a similar frame. Nevertheless, the resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels is still very clear, and it is bright enough in the case of ample light, but we do not mind more brightness. For example, it is not as bright as the 5.5-inch AMOLED display on the original Google Pixel XL.

Solid (but expensive) performance
Under the hood, the BlackBerry motion is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 625 processor, with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. There is a microSD card slot, which is useful for people who want a little more storage space.

These specifications are puzzling, and disappointing is the price close to $500 in mobile phones. Why? In Wamplas 5T cost $500, the package flagship Snapdragon processor 835 (ie, the power handset is like Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the same chip, and has more RAM). The handset must have the same 835 processor and its price has jumped down below $500. Even the $350 HTC U11 Life has a better update of the Snapdragon 630 processor. The Snapdragon 625 processor in motion is a processor powered by $ $number Moto G5 Plus.

The cost of the BlackBerry is $600, about $470, so we compare it to the handset in this price range. The phone is currently listed only in Canada, but the BlackBerry is already planning to bring it to the US, which is why we are not sure about us pricing. The $500 OnePlus 5T won a 180,588 bonus on Antutu, almost three times times the motion score. Basic phone score 157,705, easy to break the bill. If the BlackBerry decides to lower U.S. prices to compare with similar handsets, there is no big gap. HTC U11 Life is priced at $350, and Antutu is priced at $71,397, notch.

In any case, exercise is proving more than capable in everyday use. The interface is smooth and responsive, and we rarely experience stuttering or pausing. We can even do some intense games through a game like “Asphalt 8: Airborne”, although it does have occasional stuttering, but that’s not enough to affect gameplay.

When it comes to performance, the BlackBerry cannot compete with the market for better handsets. In spite of this, our day-to-day use of sports has not encountered many problems, so if you like other aspects of the phone, then you will have a good enough to cope with the day-to-day work of the equipment.


ANDROID 7.1 beef rolled sugar, but timely security updates
BlackBerry motion does not run the latest version of Android, but does not think it is as safe as running the new Android 8.1 Oreo mobile phone. Despite running Android 7.1, our BlackBerry sport has the latest security patches from Google, reaffirming the company’s commitment to security. This makes the BlackBerry stand out because it is one of the few manufacturers to provide timely security updates with Google and its pixel phones.

The software itself is quite close to Android stock, although there are several BlackBerry-specific features and apps. The feedback from the keyboard is satisfying, and it is also very smart. Like Keyone, you can use the flick input to predict recommendations. Instead of the bar at the top of the keyboard, the letter appears above the letter and then slides up to insert it into the text. This certainly makes typing fast.

The installed BlackBerry application can be really useful. BlackBerry Messenger will lure BlackBerry veteran; Content transfer can help you move files from your old mobile phone; The BlackBerry hub allows you to view all notices in one place; and Dtek Monitor and maintain the security of your phone to keep your data safe, such as antivirus software.

Slide out the tab from the right edge of the screen, and you can quickly access tools such as calendars, recent messages, contacts, and tasks. We don’t use too much, but some people may find it useful. This has a 12 million pixel and f/2.0 aperture in a rear-facing camera like the BlackBerry motion in the edge panel of the Samsung Galaxy handset. Like most budget phones, our biggest problem is photos from low illumination. The camera produces a little blur-unless you keep it very, very still-there is a considerable amount of food.

In broad daylight, most of you will like Motion’s offer. There are many details, the color is quite accurate. But the dynamic range is not very large, which means that some of the photos will be overexposed and other parts are not exposed. Sensors tend to be hard to focus on the subject-we even have some blurred photos taken in daylight. The best part of the camera is the shutter time lag is very small-click on the shutter icon, photo shooting speed relatively fast, which is not for many mid-range or budget-type mobile phones can not be said.


Advantages: Excellent battery life/Simple and useful software/Timely security Updates/IP67 Waterproof
Shortcomings: Less than cost/Lack of cameras/Expensive

If you spend nearly 500 dollars on your phone, we recommend that you look at a OnePlus 5T, which runs a near-Android version, with high-end performance and better cameras. Essential phone’s camera is not that good, but it’s cheaper than motion, it’s good in all the other categories, and even a monthly security update.

If you want a device that can get a secure update in time, you can also view the Nokia 6. To compare battery life time, please see Moto Z2 play.

Battery life
Having a 1080p display and a lower power processor is an advantage: long battery life. The BlackBerry Bill packs a huge 4,000mah battery and supports Qualcomm’s fast charging 3.0 technology, so it also charges quickly.

Results? In normal use, mobile phones can last for a whole day or two days. We took the cell phone from the charger at 9 o’clock in the morning, and by 5 o’clock in the afternoon, after a day of more use, our battery still had more than 50% of the power. This is not implemented on many other devices there.

Warranty, pricing and availability
Like most other mobile phones on the market, BlackBerry Motion also offers a 12-month limited warranty. This includes the manufacturer’s flaws, so if you put down your cell phone and the screen bursts, don’t expect the BlackBerry to replace it.

The handset is priced at $599, or about $470. We have to wait for the cost of how much equipment the United States has introduced in the US, but at Amazon it costs $515. Canadian customers can get their phones directly from BlackBerry’s website.

Should you buy it?
No. It is difficult to recommend motion because of the price. There are more comprehensive smartphones in this price range, but we can’t deny the BlackBerry’s efforts to keep the phone safe. If the BlackBerry lowers the price of motion, we would be happy to recommend it.

How long will it last?
The BlackBerry motion is meticulously crafted and should continue a standard two-year upgrade cycle. It has the same IP67 waterproof function as most flagship smartphones, which means it can dunk in the pool unexpectedly.

Next year it will get Android 8.0, but we’re not sure if we’ll get more updates later. It may get two monthly security updates.

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